Custom Bosses

We've created a full range of custom bosses, with arenas scattered across the map for you to find and defeat.


Alchemist's hut is deep in a swamp, where you can smell her concoctions brewing from afar.


Tradition preserved by the Gods, Chariot's arena is still standing in plain sight; a powerful message to all adventurers.


Followers of his movement prefer icy cold biomes. However, they don't explore too much.


Druid was last seen in some birch forests, however no one has seen him since.


Dubiosa's operations are being run from an industrial coal mine somewhere deep in the Savannah plains.

Lich King Greg

Lich King Greg's temple is a weird one, the king took refuge at an old temple lost amongst the oceans.


Mechaprime's bots patrol cold mountains, but they can't go too far without losing signal.


Mirage's temple is amongst the driest parts of the desert, in which his leiutenants patrol.

Nature Mage

Nature Mage's dungeon towers above the rest in a forest.


Signs of his forces have been spotted in cold and snowy biomes, but they're not known to wander too far from base.


Pyrosis's dungeon is in the hottest part of the desert, in which his minions scour for hydration.


Shrider's fortress is a forest-based campstite for travellers and transport.


Shroomer's kingdom is isolated to his mycelium-infested island. His minions can be found settling onto new territory.


Summoner is known for operating his goons in forests.

The Banished Lord

The Banished Lord's was banished away far from all civilisation in the frozen mountains.