Application Guidelines

You're a smart cookie.

So you're thinking of applying for staff at CitrusMC? Welcome! Think of this as sort of a job application: you want to get across to us your best qualities and why you think you'd be the best candidate for the role you're applying for. The idea of the application like any other is to honestly fill it out and impress us. If you can't do both, then you should take the hint, but we will talk more about that in a minute. What we're wanting is to provide a new experience for not only our players but our staff members too.

When applying, it’s very important you understand what it is you want. If you haven’t caught on by now, there is no owner figure for the network, and that does not change when you become staff. This demands perseverance and acceptance that you are on your own. The other requirements of staff include:

  • No factions participation.
  • You must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Following procedures.
  • I think you get the idea.
  • It isn’t a legal contract; we want you to do well.

Being staff here does not mean V.I.P. access into all of the cool factions, it means giving people something to look forward to. Treat the network like it were your own because there’s no owner to tell you otherwise, and that’s what matters: the staff build up the server, not the owner. In conclusion, if you want to play factions, watch the world burn, or even ambush someone at their base, you don’t want to be staff.

Okay, so we don’t like our staff killing new players or breaking rules, so what? You still don’t know what it takes to be staff yet. We value the three C’s… cprofessionalism, cmaturity, and cdedication. If you can tell a player it’ll be a moment before you have an answer, ask them to stop flooding chat when they’re telling you to do your job, and log on every day and play, we want you on our team. Where do you sign?

If you’re still reading, it means you haven’t lost hope (or you’re just a dedicated reader). The best way to be staff here is to prove yourself, so we have conducted a list of things not to do on your application. This is the most important part, please don’t blow it.

  • Don’t keep it short and sweet. We have high standards and judge applications heavily.
  • Please do your best to proofread your applicashen. Pease
  • Vagueness.
  • Don’t be unoriginal. Think, “if I’m putting this on here, how many other people have probably said the same exact thing?”

At the end of the day, being staff is a lot of fun, stressful, or could be one of the best memories of your Minecraft days five years from now. It’s what you make it. We want to turn CitrusMC Network into an opportunity to be taken advantage of; we want you to join us on this exciting journey.

Good luck!