Server Rules

Gameplay Rules

  1. No griefing or raiding, even if the area is unprotected or seems abandoned.
    1. If you are unsure if an area is in use, contact staff through our #support channel on discord.
    2. This does include killing players or intentionally causing them to die while combat is toggled off.
  2. Respect other players' properties:
    1. Do not build too close to their area without permission.
    2. Leave a player's property if asked to.
  3. Respect the server's cosmetic appeal (especially near spawn):
    1. Do not build singular towers into the sky.
    2. Do not build floating block bases in the sky.
  4. No cheating:
    1. Using hacked clients.
      1. Staff will ban without question if you are blatantly hacking.
    2. Using unfair mods.
    3. Using auto-clickers or macros to improve cps.
    4. Exploiting glitches.
      1. Block glitching (breaking blocks/opening doors) is NOT allowed at all.
      2. Enderpearl clipping through blocks is NOT allowed.
      3. Flying in territory you are not supposed to be.
      4. If you find a glitch, please report it with /bug.
  5. No more than 3 accounts per player (IP).
  6. Evading/circumventing punishments of any kind will result in further punishment.
  7. Nether-portal traps are not allowed.
  8. No causing lag.

Chat Rules

  1. No real-life threats of any kind.
  2. No advertising:
    1. No posting links or servers in any public chat.
    2. Discord links are allowed only in faction descriptions and chat (/f desc & /f c f).
      1. Discord links must be faction related. You may not use discord links to advertise other servers/games.
  3. No sexual or suggestive chat:
    1. Keep chat PG-13. You may not post links to pornographic websites, pictures, or any type of media. It is also considered as advertising.
    2. You may not sexually harass other players, regardless of circumstances.
  4. No spamming/flooding:
    1. Spamming includes repeating phrases, excessive characters and caps, and flooding chat.
    2. Fragmented sentences over multiple messages is flooding chat.
    3. Asking staff for items or continuously asking questions is spamming.
  5. No suicidal encouragement:
    1. You may not tell players to kill themselves, or wish any type of harm upon them outside of the game.
  6. No public accusation:
    1. You may not publicly accuse players of breaking rules. If they know we are possibly watching out for them breaking rules, then they will stop. The best way to handle the situation is by doing any of the following:
      1. Reporting in #support on our discord (/discord).
      2. Reporting on the website at (/bug).
      3. Ask for online staff who may be in vanish through /helpop.
      4. If staff deem the player innocent, you may not continue to accuse them.
  7. Respect:
    1. Respect players, be considerate.
    2. Banter is allowed, but staff may draw the line if it gets out of hand or goes on too long.
    3. Respect staff especially.
      1. If you think staff step out of line, you may report them (/bug).
  8. No inappropriate nicknames/items:
    1. Do not rename your items something not appropriate in any language.
      1. Staff will ask you to rename the item at your own expense.
  9. Do not talk about DDoS.
    1. Do not threaten or suggest it towards anyone or anything.
  10. No bypassing/circumventing our chat filter. It is there for a reason.
    1. The only exception is false censors, in which you may attempt to bypass it.